Perspectives on Art Datis: Evangelos Kanoulas

I am a professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam, leading the Information Retrieval Labat the Informatics Institute. My research focuses on developing evaluation methods and algorithms for search and recommendation and has been published at top conferences and venues. I hold a MSc. (2004) and a PhD. (2010) degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam I was a (visiting) research scientist in two of the leading companies in search technology, Google and Microsoft respectively, obtaining a valuable industrial insight of open problems and cutting-edge technologies in natural language understanding and information retrieval. Developing information access methods for digitized archives like the ones produced by ArtDATIS remains a challenge for artificial intelligence due to low quality OCR output, out-of-vocabulary words, shifting semantics through times, multilingual and multimodal data. In this project my team contributes methods of OCR post-correction, entity recognition, classification and linking, document classification.