Perspectives on Art Datis: Sven Dupre’

I am Professor of History of Art, Science and Technology at Utrecht University (affiliated with the History & Art History Department) and at the University of Amsterdam (affiliated with the Conservation & Restoration Program). Previously I was Professor of History of Knowledge at the Freie Universität and Director of the Research Group ‘Art and Knowledge in Premodern Europe’ at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. I have interdisciplinary interests across the history of knowledge and technical art history, and regularly collaborate with scholars in the humanities and in the natural and medical sciences as well as with museums, artists and conservators. However, while easily distracted, I have a specific interest in glass (to the extent that I currently write a book on this fascinating material), and in the context of the Artdatis project I work together with computer scientists, digital humanities scholars, museums, glass artists and the Rietveld Academy to contribute to the history of glass art, education, and technology.