Art DATIS at DHNB 2023

On March 10th, Vera Provatorova and Carlotta Capurro presented their work at the Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries conference (DHNB 2023). They discussed the preliminary results of their experiment on training a neural network in Transkribus capable of automatically transcribing handwritten documents from different authors and in several languages. The abstract of…

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The Large Glass Department Experimenting with Glass Recipes included in the Sybren Valkema Archive

In collaboration with the Sybren Valkema Archive, the Large Glass Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie began a project to apply the vast collection of records in the archive to a studio setting where the collated technical knowledge could become accessible and practically applied. The first delve into the archive consulted Rezeptbuch für die praktische Glasschmelze and…

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